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You Write for me, You're right for me - Ashutosh pandey

Please read this guide before submitting an article. It includes an overview of our topic areas, what types of articles we’re looking for, what we’re not looking for, and how to submit an article.

In this guide you will be looking forward to...

What we're looking for :

Treanches Blog's motto : We write articles that are most likely available in 1st page of Search engine!!!

[If the article is irrelevant like something that no one searches for then we won't post that article!!!!]

Types of articles we expect you to write :

  1. That is relevant to our motto.
  2. Articles about your real life experiences....
  3. Questions that you usually search in search engine those you expect others will...
  4. Tutorials[You must have used that tutorial..] / How to's
  5. Articles about current trends
  6. New ideas...

{Note : You can write a story that is published i.e., you can republish your story but it should be relevant.....}

Why wasn't my story published?

  1. Your article isn't relevant to our motto
  2. We've already used that topic before...
  3. Your article was plagiarized
  4. Your profile is misleading or a bad representative of your identity..
  5. You are over promoting your blog / brand..

How to contact me?

You can contact me through a mail :

Twitter : @treanches [Mostly gives reply everytime]{Better to contact}

{ If you want to write with us we will be giving you an author / contributor }

How to submit an article ?

You can submit an article in mail by your draft post link if it is being republished you need to give link of your original post , or else you can submit it to us by mail.

That's it....Thank you.

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